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submitter’s note: and how his members were immediately concerned about his well-being, so cute >3<

Dat old time… :’)

I am so proud of you. You have done so much and gone so far.You never disappointed me once and always brought a smile on my face. No matter what happens I will always support you. It’s time for us to share the happiness with you. Whether you stay in Exo or not I wish for you to find something that brightens up your life, like how you did with mine.


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so is tao gonna be okay on law of the jungle? cause one time a bug flew onto the table in front of him and he freaked

and jongin had to save him…

Lawl…. 😂


140614 Somewhere Only We Know’s cast and crew made dumplings.

Guess who made that odd one? 😂😂

Oh my….

Is it wrong to…

… actually think that maybe Ward is an alien offspring from the same alien that is Skye’s real descendent? So Skye is 100% alien, while Ward is a half-blooded alien? Meh, I dunno, I just want them to be together… ==”

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